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4 Amenities That Add Value To A Luxury Villa Project

Luxury villas have always been a shining example for exclusive living. All those who buy a luxury villa have privacy and exclusive luxury as their top reasons behind the purchase. However, the concept of luxury villa projects has completely reinvented the lifestyle that such properties can offer. While keeping the core offering intact, which is privacy and exclusivity, villa gated communities are offering additional value through a variety of lifestyle amenities.

Here are some essential amenities that improve the living experience a villa project offers-


There’s no better thing than having a state-of-the-art gym right outside your door! Because it ensures that you stick to your fitness goals every day no matter what. So, if you get late at work, feel too lazy to wake up and commute long to your gym, or you don’t like a crowded workout experience, no excuse ever stops you from staying in good shape. Besides, gym is a good place to socialise with your neighbours and become friends with them.

Clubhouse/Party Hall

Events are a part of our life and a villa gated community offers you a private venue for them! Be it your child’s birthday, your wedding anniversary or a communal celebration, you don’t have to go through the hassles of finding a good venue.

Multi-layer Security

Security is one of the most important thing you look for in a new home, right? With amenities like security post at project entrance and CCTV surveillance in the common areas, and more security layers like the entry gate to your villa and the door to your home, a villa project offers you safety you can always rely upon. These layers ensure that your home and your loved ones are safe even when you are away from home.

Landscaped Garden

A landscaped garden offers you multiple benefits. Firstly, you get an uncluttered living experience, as you have a green, open space right outside your door. Secondly, you can go for a refreshing morning walk in the garden or catch some fresh air after a long day. And thirdly, it improves the aesthetics of your surroundings, which casts a good impression on your guests.

Kids’ Play Area

When your kids have a dedicated space of their own, they can play without any restrictions. And you don’t have to worry about their safety while they play outdoors. Besides, kids always need friends around even when they are home. So, this area becomes a great space where they can play with their friends and have fun.

It’s true that not having these amenities with a villa doesn’t make it a bad property. But it’s equally true that having such amenities with your villa makes the living experience much more joyful.

At Srivari, we understand the importance of a complete living experience. Because of which, Srivari Ekantam, our premium project of 4 BHK villas in Coimbatore, comes with a variety of amenities that add value to your lifestyle.

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