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Compact-Sized Convenience: Understanding Studio Apartments

Studio apartments are a unique residential property that has gained popularity amongst single individuals and couples. It comes with a small unit but offers a compact and affordable living experience in a city. However, the space and the configuration of studio apartments are not suitable for everyone.
One of the most crucial things that attract homebuyers and tenants towards studio apartments is the low price. So if you want to know the difference between 1 BHK studio apartment and a regular apartment, then this blog will help you make an intelligent decision.

What exactly is meant by studio apartment?

A studio apartment is also known as a studio flat or bachelor apartment. It is a single apartment combined with the living room, bedroom, kitchen, and bathing space. In some modern studio apartments, you also get a partial wall built to have some privacy.
Even though a one room studio apartment is a small place to live, you don't compromise on your comfort. You can add extra space to your studio apartments by using compact and movable furniture and other household things.

How are studio apartments different from 1 BHKs

A studio apartment is a compact-sized unit where you don't get any division except for the bathroom. That means you get the living room, bedroom, and kitchen attached.
Whereas in a regular 1 BHK apartment, the major difference is a wall that divides the living room from the bedroom and the kitchen. You may sometimes also get a balcony that you won't get even in most luxury studio apartments.

Who should consider studio apartments?

Studio apartments are mainly popular amongst bachelors and single working professionals. However, both tenants and homebuyers can consider renting or buying a studio apartment.
There is a huge demand among students and working professionals for studio apartments because of their affordability. It thus becomes a smart investment option to generate rental income. Moreover, the affordable studio apartment is also ideal for families with a small budget.

Some of the pros and cons of studio apartment are as follows:


  • Studio apartments are comparatively cheaper than regular apartments to buy or rent.
  • They are suitable for students, couples, and single working professionals.
  • As studio apartments are single compact-sized rooms, cleaning them becomes easier.
  • Living in a small apartment, you don’t buy unnecessary electronic appliances and thus save extra electricity bills.


  • Because of its small space, studio apartments are not ideal for living with families or more than two people.
  • Studio apartments are not suitable for socializing as you cannot invite your friends for a stay or party.
  • Living in a studio apartment, you may have to decorate your house keeping its space constraint in mind.

Explore studio apartment living with Srivari Saarang

Srivari Ananyaa from Srivari property developers is a premium project offering studio apartments in Coimbatore. Located just 5 km from Avinashi Road, this project is a good investment from every dimension.
Living at Srivari Saarang is extremely convenient as you get all the essential facilities and good connectivity. To make your life more comfortable and luxurious here, you get world-class amenities and massive open space with landscaped gardens that will make your free time with your loved ones fun.

Experience studio apartment living with Srivari Ekantam

Srivari Ekantam is a luxurious project offering studio apartments in Coimbatore. Situated in the heart of Ganapathy, it is just 10 minutes away from the bustle of Gandhipuram and less than 6 Km away from IT hubs of Saravanampatti and TIDEL park.
Srivari Ekantam offers an amazing living experience with a new 1 BHK studio apartment with an area ranging from 609-637 sq. ft.
Experience a unique blend of connectivity and comfort at Ekantam. Explore a comfortable lifestyle with high-end interior fittings and best-in-class amenities.

Final words

Now that you know whether or not a studio apartment is a suitable and ideal investment for you, you can make a better home-buying decision. Coimbatore is a manufacturing hub with several commercial centers, so buying a studio apartment here can bring you high returns.
So to buy the most premium and comfortable studio apartment for sale in Coimbatore, contact Srivari developers soon. Schedule your site visit at Srivari Saarang to experience excellence and quality.

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