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Experience The Vastu-Compliant Villa Life At Srivari Ekantam

Vastu Shastra, when translated in English, turns out to be the ‘Science of Architecture’. But in reality, it’s about much more than mere architecture. It is the ancient Indian science of planning homes that offer you a better life by attracting positive cosmic energy in your home. Because it is believed that this energy brings in good luck, prosperity, physical and mental well-being and happiness in our lives.

Srivari Ekantam, our project of 3 and 4 BHK villas in Coimbatore, has been designed in accordance with Vastu principles. The benefit of which is you would not only live a luxurious life at the heart of the city but also enjoy peace, good health and positivity in your life.

You might wonder how Vastu helps you live a better life. Well, we have mentioned some fundamentals of Vastu Shastra to help you understand. Read below.

We all know that the universe and everything within it is made up of five fundamental elements- Earth, Fire, Wind, Water and Space. Each of these elements is associated with various natural energies. Earth is associated with Geomagnetic Energy, Water with Gravitational Energy, Wind with Wind Energy, Fire with Solar Energy and Space with Cosmic Radiation.

Ideal directions for these five fundamental elements have been specified in the Vastu Shastra- Earth in the South-West, Water in the North-East, Wind in the North-West, Fire in the South-East and Space in the Centre.

Combining these directions and the effect of these energies with architectural principles for design, measurements, space layouts and spatial geometry, Vastu Shashtra helps us to build a home that offers the most favourable living environment to its residents.

Vastu Shastra provides a complete guideline for the planning of a home, right from directions and placement of rooms to the colours and shapes in a home.

Initially, the rules and guidelines of Vastu Shastra were only used in the architecture of Hindu temples. But the science was soon adopted for the architecture of all structures like residential, commercial and institutional constructions.

At Srivari Ekantam, you would be able to enjoy the benefits of a Vastu-compliant architecture and planning. However, these are not the only benefits that the project offers.

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