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The Future of the Luxury Villa Market in Coimbatore

Coimbatore, also referred to as the 'Manchester of India,' is on the way to becoming one of the fastest growing economies in India, owing to its horde of manufacturing industries across jewellery, poultry, and software industries. As a result of the expanding infrastructural developments, the demand for luxury properties has substantially seen a push from homebuyers and potential investors/ developers.

Besides renting or buying flats in the city, a new trend has emerged amidst buyers focused on investing in villa developments in Coimbatore. Considering the luxury lifestyle villas offer, along with optimum privacy and customized homes, potential buyers are keen to opt for such properties in Coimbatore. Luxury villa developments in Coimbatore are on the verge of a swift rise as homebuyers' demands grow.

In this blog, we will delve into the varied topography of the rising demand for theluxury real estate market in Coimbatore.

Rise of Luxury Living in Coimbatore

In recent years, Coimbatore's real estate market has seen a steady leap towards luxury living. Coimbatore is one of the most pollution-free cities in the country, with a good standard of living as it is the second largest industrial hub in Tamil Nadu, after Chennai. In the aftereffects of the same, people from all walks of life, including retired personnel and NRIs, are considering investing in luxury villa living in Coimbatore as they offer a private space and a sense of peace with less neighbours.

Impact of COVID-19

Post-pandemic, the dire need for more space grew among people because of lockdown and being inside homes for months. This ultimately led to homebuyers' demand for more space, and homebuyers began to invest in the luxury real estate segment, as it offers a considerable amount of space intertwined with an all-encompassing lifestyle, including a whole range of modern amenities, facilities, and security. Developers caught on this opportunity, and this led to massive luxury villa developments across Coimbatore.

Interest of NRIs and Investors

During the pre-pandemic phase, homebuyers preferred the affordable housing market, and the luxury housing market was not given any heed. Consequently, NRIs also took a backseat as the real estate market went down in India due to lockdown and frivolous activities from developers. However, post-pandemic, the real estate market landscape took a strange turn as the demand for more space skyrocketed among homebuyers. As a result, the real estate trend saw a surge inNRI investment in Indian real estate. Due to an increased interest from NRIs and potential investors for luxury housing, developers began the construction of luxury villa developments at strategic locations.

Customer Sentiment Towards Luxury Living

A tremendous shift towards luxury living has been witnessed in the past few years in Coimbatore. The rising demand for luxury living is a result of multiple factors, including;

1. Elevated Standard of Life : Luxury real estate developments come with a quality lifestyle by offering lifestyle amenities that cater to the needs of every individual

2. High-End Security : Luxury properties are facilitated by top-tier security, 24*7 surveillance, and professional security guards

3. Premium Quality Construction : Right from raw materials to the paint quality, every detail in luxury homes is of premium quality to survive for years.

4. Optimum Privacy : Luxury homes offer a unique sense of privacy, with fewer neighbours, no common sharing walls, and more

Growth and Investment Opportunities

As per the records, luxury villa properties are said to appreciate more in the long run. This is because of the placement of villa properties in high-end locations. Luxury villas tend to secure a prime location in the city, with multiple retail avenues, workplaces, educational institutions, and healthcare facilities nearby.

Besides this, villa development offers a private space with a dedicated parking area and top-notch facilities, increasing their rates as the year progresses. Therefore, villa properties tend to generate high returns on investment and appreciation rates, allowing home buyers and investors to consider buying luxury villa projects.


To sum up, luxury villa properties in Coimbatore sign up for a safe and secure investment owing to the city's tremendous growth in the real estate sector coupled with providing a modern lifestyle to modern-age homebuyers and investors.

If you are looking for luxury villas in Coimbatore, SrivariEkantam by Srivari Group is an ideal choice to invest in. Our luxury villa project is located in the heart of Ganapathy, just 10 minutes from Gandhipuram and 6 kms from the industrial hub of TIDEL Park and Sarvanam Patti.Besides the strategic location, SrivariEkantam offers a three-storeyed air-conditioned clubhouse with modern amenities to encourage a luxury villa lifestyle.

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