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Real Estate Demands Post-COVID-19

Throughout 2020, the novel coronavirus pandemic brought a testing time for the global economy in many ways. Insecurities and vulnerabilities ruled the entire year. The pandemic has changed the overall consumer behaviour, as people prefer safety and stability today. Investing in real estate remains as an option ensuring great returns.

Impact of the Pandemic on the Real Estate Sector

The real estate sector was also not an exception, as it received negative impacts due to the sinking economic conditions on a global scale. The home seekers hesitated to make investment decisions as it was more significant to manage cash flows to overcome a tough time. However, the economy is stabilising in the post-COVID era. So, real estate demand is picking up gradually.

The millennial community has realised the significance of having a home and thus, the demand for residential properties is steadily growing post-COVID. Aspiring home buyers prefer bigger and ready-to-move-in homes. Again, the properties equipped with ample amenities to let them work peacefully are high in demand today.

Investing in apartments in Coimbatore opens doors to a lavish lifestyle you might have always dreamt. Coimbatore is the perfect blend of typical South Indian traditions, industrial development, and modernity.

The city combines lucrative career growth prospects with the enchanting scenic beauty. So, don’t miss out on riding the tide of real estate growth in the city.

Right Time to Invest in Real Estate

The economy is getting on track with a normalised pace after the pandemic. A large population standing out of the fence is jumping in to purchase properties. Yet, the expectations and preferences of the home seeker community have situation-specific changes.

A recent survey shows a rise in real estate demand of over 100% in suburbs and tier-II cities, after a fall of 51% during the pandemic. So, the overall scenario is encouraging for developers and aspiring investors too.

Let us take a glance at the crucial factors suggesting post-COVID era to be the right time to invest in real estate:

Attractive Offers on Properties

After a slow-down for a considerable period, the reputed developers are changing their gears to attract more and more leads. Today, most renowned developers offer to purchase real estate at a discounted price and manageable financing options.

A less confident population about the property purchase decision is now entering the pool of proud homeowners. Accepting feasible real estate offers is easy today, as the homebuyers get value-added amenities and affordable homes. Thus, the overall scenario favours investors today.

Government Policies Encouraging Home Buying

The government already took pioneering initiatives, like ‘housing for all drive’ well before the unpredicted pandemic. Again, to encourage real estate growth, the government is making positive announcements.

The interest rates for home loans are at a historical low today. Similarly, many states are reducing stamp duty and registration charges. These factors serve as a direct discount for buying the properties at the right time. Thus, accepting a well-balanced offer to purchase real estate in the current situation would be wise.

Increasing NRI Investments

Earlier, NRIs were actively investing in commercial properties expecting a better ROI. Yet today,

  • The falling price of INR in the international market, and
  • The government’s encouragement to buy residential properties in mid to premium segments through credit-linked subsidies (PMAY)

Are the factors encouraging NRI investments in residential properties too.

This phenomenon is again a driving factor leading to real estate growth across the country. The NRIs understand the importance of investing in private properties as it can be a rewarding resource in the post-COVID world.

Value Addition Through Inclusion of WFH Amenities

Working from home has become a new norm, and it would continue in the post-COVID world too. Professionals, employees, and entrepreneurs are seeking larger homes, fully-loaded with better WFH amenities today.

The investors prefer a calm and peaceful place within the home to concentrate and work productively. Again, a reliable internet connection to ensure hassle-free work is an aspiration of homebuyers in the post-COVID era. Accordingly, the developers offer modern amenities to complement this requirement.

The Bottom Line

Apartments in Coimbatore are designed considering the changing priorities of homebuyers in the post-COVID era. You get to enjoy a luxurious yet safe and healthy lifestyle with your family. Again, the apartments offer ample WFH amenities to let you work efficiently from home.

So, grab the opportunity to surprise your loved ones. Srivari Property Developers bring you the most irresistible real estate offers to become a proud owner of your dream home. Get in touch with Srivari today to know about the best property deals you would never wish to miss.

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