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The Importance Of Amenities And Features In A Housing Project

When it comes to buying a home, the smallest of details make a world of difference. There’s so much more to a home than its configuration and location. Today's fast-moving world demands a home to be much more than a warm and invigorating sanctuary. An integrated unit within a residential township, offering the best of amenities is what everyone looks for to live an enriched lifestyle. Anyone looking for 2 and 3 BHK flats for sale in Coimbatore share the same sentiment which is fulfilled by Srivari Ananyaa, off Avinashi Road, quite beautifully. The flats by Srivari Ananyaa truly depict the lifestyle of those who look for a refreshing start to the day or a rejuvenating end to one. This is because we understand the importance of amenities and features in a residential abode.

Let’s take a look at the basic amenities you should look for in a housing project and why compromising on it is just not an option.

Smart Designs

Space, convenience, and design go hand in hand. A residential complex that comes with multi-level parking along with reserved parking for guests is favored due to the convenience it offers. Moreover, a large space for social gatherings such as a community or multi-purpose hall are a great addition. At the time of design, carving out a separate, unhindered space for open, green areas along with a walking path is great conceptualizing. It gives the residents a chance to relax and access to ample ventilation, natural light and picturesque landscapes, which is a must-have for one to live a complete life.

Sports & Recreation

Everyone’s definition of rejuvenation is different. Which is why the addition of sports and recreational facilities never goes wrong. Just a dip in the swimming pool or a quick game of squash or table tennis can make you feel invigorated. Therefore, a sports arena or zone that includes some exciting games for children and adults alike is a must-have in any residential complex. You can even indulge your other hobbies such as reading or playing indoor games like chess if there’s a separate recreational zone for such activities which help you discover the joy of finer things in life.

Value-Added Facilities

Besides these amenities and features, you should also ideally look for value-added provisions such as solar panels, 24x7 water supply, and energy-efficient lobby lights that make sure you are living a sustainable lifestyle.

Apart from these basic amenities and features, you should also focus on amenities for kids and senior citizens as well. Ensure there is good social infrastructure in the neighborhood with education and healthcare facilities in the vicinity. Srivari Ananyaa is one such residential abode which fulfills the promise of an enriched lifestyle with the best of amenities and features. If you are someone who is interested in living the life you’ve always dreamt of, come over to Srivari Ananyaa and get a glimpse of the life that awaits you.

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