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Top 10 Home Trends to Look Out For

The pandemic has changed the way we perceive our lifestyle. We all encountered productivity issues and managing work-life balance since working from home disrupted the fixed work cycle. Moreover, the lack of recreation at home caused health and postural problems. While catering to such emerging challenges, lifestyle dynamics have changed significantly, giving rise to new trends in the real estate sector. The focus has now shifted to open, spacious homes like villas equipped with modern technologies. There are many villas for sale in Coimbatore that align with the burning home trends. Let us have a closer look at all the home trends.

Availability of High-speed Internet Connection :

The work-from-home culture has persisted even after the government has nullified the lockdown order. This has made fast internet connection a necessity. Since everything is now digital and businesses operate virtually, it has opened up avenues for overseas work right from the comfort of your home.

Quality of the Fittings & Fixtures :

The quality of fittings and fixtures is paramount. Ornamental decor and interior look according to the requirements of the homebuyer take the top priority. That is why homebuyers desire quality fittings and fixtures that are durable and incur low maintenance costs.

Personal Space to Call Your Own :

Personal space is of utmost importance. With the work-from-home culture, there is a need for a dedicated room for building a home office. This is to ensure the privacy of work and productivity without any interference. There are many villas for sale in Coimbatore that have dedicated personal spaces, which resonate with the personal choice and requirements of homebuyers.

Amalgamation of Indoors & Outdoors :

The outlook on the priorities of the home has changed. Outdoors are as important as the indoors. The balconies, terrace and personal lawns are important aspects of enhancing the home's aesthetics. In addition, they give space and a view of the outside with fresh air, which plays a vital role in giving a sense of ownership and sustainability.

More the Merrier :

Minimalistic living has gone out of style. People are now more driven towards getting furniture, artwork, and collectables that complete their home and fill it with inspiration and creativity. The 3 BHK villas in Coimbatore give you ample space to add as many artworks as you wish.

A Modern Touch :

Smart homes are the future. The digitalisation of every aspect of our lives has also called for innovation in homes. Homebuyers want features like modular kitchens and modern automatic appliances that elevate their lifestyle and improve convenience.

Colourful Spaces :

One of the most beautiful homes in India has the right amount of vibrance and contrast that boost creativity in growing minds. People want colourful homes to have a natural stimulus of happiness and an enthusiastic atmosphere.

Add Some Natural Elements :

Homes with added natural flavours such as hanging and vertical garden fixtures are some trendy features. Ample sunlight from big windows adds to the aesthetics of the home’s living space and provides a serene and peaceful environment.

Wooden Finish :

Wooden finishes designed by professional interior designers are essential for increasing the aesthetic value. So wooden furniture has become quite popular. Moreover, the use of laminates is also in trend to mimic the wooden finish and get a customised design as per the wants of the homebuyer.

Bright Lights :

Lighting is the decisive factor in a home’s ornamental decor. The false ceiling with mood lights and smart bulbs is in fashion. You can change the lighting with the click of a button or even automate the smart bulb to mimic the beats of the music to make your home a party place in just a matter of seconds.

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