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5 Monsoon Tips To Make Your Home Ready For The Season

Monsoons can be pleasant and beautiful, but they can be a headache too, especially for home maintenance! The change in weather can hamper your living experience inside your home if you do not take any precautions. Problems like leakages, moisture accumulation in closed spaces and damage to furniture can occur during monsoons. If you have to avoid this and truly enjoy the beautiful season, you must make your home monsoon-ready.

Here are some monsoon tips to follow at home:

Check the Waterproofing

Doing a waterproofing check before the monsoon season begins should be your first priority. You should check for cracks or openings from where water can leak and get it fixed from a professional. Moreover, if you have the terrace above your home, you should get waterproofing done for your ceiling, as rainwater can seep through it and cause leakage as well as fungus formation.

Protect the Wooden Furniture

The wooden furniture in your home is at risk during monsoon because of the excess moisture in the air. The moisture can make the furniture damp, which can lead to rotting. To avoid this, you should regularly wipe your furniture with a wet cloth.

Keep the Cupboards Dry

Moisture and poor ventilation are the perfect breeding grounds for fungus. Which is why, fungus growth is commonly found on clothes kept inside cupboards. It can not only damage your clothes, but if you wear them by mistake, can also give you fungal infections. You should keep naphthalene balls or moisture-absorbing packs to ensure your cupboards are dry.

Wash & Change Fabrics Frequently

The increased moisture content in the air can make linens damp. It can lead to fungus formation as well as a stale smell inside your home. You should increase the frequency with which you wash your bedsheets, pillow covers and curtains among other things.

Secure Electrical Fittings

If there are any loose electrical wires, circuit issues or earthing problems, you must get them repaired before the rains start to pour. If water comes in contact with such fittings, it can not only damage the electrical fittings but can cause harm to the people living in your home.

Problems in your home can spoil the season for you. Follow these monsoon safety tips to enjoy the season to the fullest.

At Srivari, being one of the leading real estate developers in Coimbatore, we believe it is our responsibility to share tips and tricks that improve your living experience. Check out our other blogs for more such information related to home maintenance and space utilisation.

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