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A New Way of Living - Studio Apartments

In today’s day and time, with the impact of growing urbanization and modernization, there is a significant growth for studio apartments and if the apartments are ready-to-move-in then it’s the cherry on the top. For those who seek a comfortable and hassle-free lifestyle, these compact living spaces have become a popular choice.

With these trends at their peak, Studio apartments have emerged as a preferable option for first-time home buyers. With an array of facilities, living in a studio apartment is nothing less than bliss.

One of the biggest benefits of studio apartments is being able to own a space, especially for first-time homeowners. It gives a lot of emotional satisfaction while also being an ideal investment for a secure future.

In this blog ahead, we will deep dive into the current know-hows of this trend while also looking at the features that it provides.

Modern lifestyle needs modern solutions!

In today’s world, where we are constantly looking for inner sanctum, where we are always running behind to fulfil the dream of owning a dream home, studio apartments come as a rescue.

Having said that, these homes provide a wholesome feeling to our life, giving a sense of pride and satisfaction.

What exactly is a studio apartment?

Studio apartments, in contrast to regular apartments, are minuscule living units that mix numerous functional sections into a single open space. A living area, a kitchenette, and a bathroom are seamlessly integrated to maximize space use.

A studio apartment, with its small size and low cost, provides a place to live without compromising one's lifestyle. Furthermore, several builders have constructed studio flats closer to commercial areas or educational institutions, minimizing commuting time and making this a more appealing alternative.

However, studio apartments in Coimbatore have seen a noticeable surge with their dynamic offerings. These compact homes are one of the most preferred choices of buyers as they are mostly located close to workspaces and everyday conveniences!

What are the features that have fueled the trend of studio apartments?

1.High ROI (Return on Investment)

Studio apartments are appealing to both homeowners and investors. Studio apartments offer a potentially better return on investment than bigger buildings due to their lower original cost, making them an appealing alternative for real estate investors.

2.Hassle-free Living

Because studio apartments are small, they require less cleaning and upkeep. Maintaining a studio apartment becomes much easier with fewer rooms and less square footage, saving a lot of time. This low-maintenance feature is ideal for young professionals or frequent travelers who want a pleasant home without the hassle of continual maintenance.

3.Ideal location

For first-time homeowners or those looking for a property in a great location, studio apartments provide a low-cost entry point into the real estate market. They give an opportunity to acquire a home in bustling metropolitan areas without exceeding one's budget.

Usually, studio apartments are located in neighborhoods around workspaces and conveniences, which makes them a lucrative option for homebuyers.

What do statistics say about studio apartments?

The demand for studio apartments has seen a considerable increase as people living alone, millennials, and younger couples look for compact homes which are easily accessible in urban areas.

According to a survey by the National Association of Home Builders (NAHB), studio apartments have witnessed a steady growth in the past decade. These studio apartments are an attractive investment option, leading to the real estate data that shows that these apartments have outperformed larger units in terms of rental yield.


Finally, the modernization of urban life has resulted in an increasing demand for studio apartments. And people prefer ready-to-move-in homes as there’s they get to start their new life soon. It has been a popular housing option for first-time homeowners and investors due to its intelligent design, ease of upkeep, affordability, and appealing facilities.

Srivari Ekantam apartments is an example of a project that captures the essence of studio living. The project promotes comfortable and easy living for its people by providing world-class facilities in their ready-to-move-in apartments. Srivari Ekantam’s ready apartments might be an amazing investment option if you are seeking an ideal studio property that mixes contemporary living with affordability in Coimbatore.

Developed by Srivari Infrastructure Pvt Ltd, this project is located on Sathy Main Road offering 32 studio apartments in the range of 609 - 637 sq. Ft. Consider this a sign to visit this property and grab the opportunity to experience a new way of life in a studio flat!

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